What are the biggest red flags found during a home inspection in Maine

Before you say ‘home sweet home’, make sure you’re not walking into a homeowner’s nightmare. Every creak, crack, and leak tells a story – one that could save you from a costly mistake. Being a homeowner is exciting, but there are certain responsibilities that come with it. One of those being the responsibility of maintaining […]

What Do A Home Inspector Look For? Why These 5 Items Might Make or Break the Inspection in Maine?

You’ve found a home that fits your expectations of a “perfect” home. Well, congratulations on that! But we’d ask you not to rush toward closing the deal. It’s better to first know that your house is structurally sound and all its major systems are functioning properly. Once you have closed the deal, you can’t take […]

Should I get a home inspection after purchasing the Property in Maine?

Homeowners often wonder whether getting a home inspection AFTER purchase is beneficial. “Aren’t the inspections associated with the home buying process only?” Yes, they’re…but experts also recommend getting a home inspection after purchase. Why so? Getting a home inspection, even post-purchase, can provide valuable insights into your house. Even if the property seemed well-maintained initially, […]

Here’s why you must have regular water quality tests

Water quality testing is a crucial first step in identifying potentially dangerous substances in your water source. It will also help you understand the health problems you are facing. So, for example, if your drinking water tastes odd. Or if you fall sick. Or if you have stomach issues out of nowhere – you must […]

Before You Sell: 5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Introduction  Home selling is an exciting experience for anyone, which includes multiple tasks. From putting the property on sale to dealing with potential buyers – a seller goes through various steps. But! The most important step is often ignored, which is pre-listing inspection. Before putting your market “on sale,” make sure it’s in its best […]

What Inspections Are Needed When Buying a Commercial Property

A thorough commercial building inspection is important when you buy a commercial property. This can help in safeguarding your investment and making informed decisions. Commercial property inspection covers a range of aspects that are inspected. This ranges from structural integrity to safety compliance. It also includes environmental concerns and zoning regulations. In this blog, we […]

What Is a Septic Inspection and What Happens During a Septic Inspection

Introduction A septic system must be well maintained to ensure its seamless functionality. When your home’s septic system is in top-tier condition, you will experience less disturbance and more secure living. It also enhances your property’s overall value and interior environment. Therefore, Main Choice Inspection should be your first choice when considering septic inspection services. […]

The Importance of Radon Testing During Home Inspections

Homeowners’ safety and well-being are significantly improved by radon testing. The significance of radon testing during house inspections cannot be overstated. Active radon testing enables prospective homebuyers to evaluate the presence of this invisible gas in a building, reducing health hazards and offering peace of mind. People can choose their future houses wisely and protect […]

Unlocking Property Potential: The Role of Home Inspections in Real Estate

One should never disregard that the home inspection in Gray, ME, is essential when navigating the complex real estate market. A home inspection offers potential buyers priceless information about a property’s structural integrity, safety features, and general quality by critically evaluating the property’s condition. This procedure entails a thorough evaluation by a licensed expert who […]

What are the defects in a Home Inspection?

At Main Choice Inspections, we are passionate about helping homeowners make informed decisions about their homes. As professional home inspectors in Portland, ME, we have seen the positive impact of energy-efficient upgrades on the environment and a homeowner’s wallet. That’s why we’d like to share our knowledge and expertise on the most energy-efficient home improvement […]

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