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We’re Committed To Providing You With The Best Commercial Inspection Service At The Best Price.

At Main Choice, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality service at an affordable price. Our property inspectors are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of commercial building construction.
Commercial inspections are an important part of ensuring safety in a commercial building. They are done by our qualified inspectors who assess the structural soundness of a building and check for any safety measures put into place
It involves inspecting and evaluating the building for every aspect. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the building is safe for people to work in and meets all required standards.
Structural soundness and safety measures taken into account are two key factors in commercial inspection. These factors are closely related to each other, as structural soundness determines whether the safety measures taken into account will be effective or not.

Commercial Building Inspection Maine

You need to be aware of the inspection process for commercial buildings and property. Before deciding on whether or not to buy an office, warehouse, or retail space, it is critical to get a commercial inspection of your building and property. The process is complex and will require a few days’ time, and effort on your part.

Main Choice Inspections play an important role in making sure that all buildings are safe for people to work in. We  have various services that we offer including:

What We Inspect?

With Main Choice, you’ll be assured that you’re getting a thorough inspection because our inspectors are experienced and highly-trained professionals who use state of the art equipment.
Being an authorized inspection company for Maines commercial properties, we offer a wide range of inspections at affordable prices so your budget will not be compromised. We stand by our work and guarantee 200 percent satisfaction, so there’s nothing to worry about when you choose Main Choice.

We Are The Best Commercial Inspection in Portland and here’s why you want us to do your commercial property inspections.

Why Choose US

All-Inclusive Pricing

We offer an all-inclusive pricing plan that covers all inspections for your commercial property, regardless of size. Our plan includes unlimited property inspections and includes a professional written report on site.

Same Day Service

We offer same day service for all inspections, so you never have to wait!

Accurate Reports

Our written reports are 100% accurate and are guaranteed to be consistent with the visual inspection. We’ll even take photos from the inspection so you can share them with your clients!

InterNACHI Certified

We are InterNACHI certified ensuring you get Top-Notch results for your inspections.

Free Estimate & Consultation

Our free estimate and consultation is always for a fixed price — no surprises and no hidden costs. Simply talk to us about what you need and we’ll give you a quote right away!

We’re certified by Internachi, one of the most recognized and trusted inspection agencies in the country. Our staff consists of experienced inspectors who have years of experience on their resume. Schedule an inspection today for the best commercial property inspection in Portland ME,  and get your money worth for the most reliable inspections in town!

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