Josh and Kevin were very informative with my client. They showed up an hour early unexpected to start digging the septic and they had already walked the
roof! I was very impressed.

Davian A

We hired them to locate our septic and inspect it. It was an unusual location and required them to do some bushwhacking and more digging than usual. They did it all in good humor on a muggy day. I would recommend them and would hire again.


Absolutely fantastic inspection. They found more things to point out with the house then I ever could. It's like they were going over the house with a fine tooth comb as if they themselves were planning on purchasing the home.

Will H.

Knowledgeable, courteous and thorough

Kerry V.

Very courteous, knowledgeable, and flexible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.

Ben M.

On time. Great communicator. Very thorough. Nice report. Will use again.

Rhea K.

Kevin and Tom were very professional and detail oriented! If you ever need an inspection I would always recommend Main Choice Inspection. Very educated and all around nice people. Thanks again!

Elizabeth R.

They came right out for some last minute inspections. The guy was very
pleasant and helpful. I would definitely use them again.

William J.

Main Choice Inspections were rockstars! They went above and beyond and I would 100 percent use them again. I am super picky about suppliers but these guys were on point! I was shocked by their attention to detail, literally crawling into every crack of the house. The report was so thorough and well done. They Made it easy to digest the information and were available after if you had any questions. I wish we had these guys on our first house inspection! Can't recommend them enough. Look no further, Main Choice Inspection are the best youll find.

Niki C.

Kevin Boyan came to my condo and did the world's most thorough inspection. As a first time homeowner, I honestly didn't know what to expect. He pulled no punches and laid bare all the concerns that I should be aware of AND gave me some great advice about things I can worry about long versus short term.

He took his time and did not rush the process. Kevin explained everything and I mean everything when I told him I was kind of clueless. I felt so confident in his findings because he took the time to say "and this reading means you are losing heat through the attic stairs" and similar statements that really reinforced he genuinely cared about the things I needed to fix. He understood what was important to me but also took care to share with me the "unseen" things like moisture in the floor that I would never have been able to figure out on my own with the naked eye.

He was so neat and clean, taking off his outside shoes to do the inside inspection. Truly, a consummate professional!!

Following up afterwards, Kevin gave me a comprehensive report digitally almost immediately and a couple days later a full binder full of information to accompany the report. This was amazingly helpful in making the checklist for future repairs.

Personable, competent, kind, and through, Kevin was an outstanding home inspector and I couldn't recommend my experience with MCI more!!

Jenny D.

We used Main Choice Inspections on the recommendation of our realtor.
We ordered a general home inspection as well as a radon test and septic inspection.
When we arrived at the house right at the appointment time, Bill, Brian and Kevin were already hard at work.
This is our first home purchase and our first home inspection so we don't have a basis for comparison, but I won't be calling anyone else for future inspections.
The price was a bit higher than some other companies I've heard of, however not one of the people I talked to would recommend the companies they used, so it seems to me you get what you pay for, and I'm glad we paid the extra money for a very thorough inspection.
On top of an amazing job, these guys all were very nice, helpful, and patient with our questions. Highly recommend! Thank you guys!

Julie P.

I would highly recommend Main Choice Inspections for your building inspection needs. Bill was friendly, professional, and thorough. In addition to a standard building inspection I had him inspect the septic system and complete a radon test. I am glad I added on the additional tests because they uncovered issues I would have missed otherwise. Also, the report Bill provided was very comprehensive and will provide me with a checklist of work to take care of to keep my home in good shape. If I need a building inspection in the future I will most definitely call Main Choice Inspections.

Susan G.